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I'd like to introduce you to myself, my family, my hobbies, and my pets! Many of the pages are in dire need of updating (on which I am working), but please do visit during this reconstruction and remodeling project. I love to travel and explore, and hope to continue doing so in spite of having lost my travel trailer to a freak windstorm (my own personal tornado) in the Mojave desert this last spring, and hope to replace it before too long so I can continue traveling. After finally finishing and surviving the ugly divorce war, and becoming once again independent, I recently "downsized": selling the house in which I raised my children, and moving into a house with ~gasp~ about half of the living space I had been used to. These days I am trying to continue unpacking boxes (it is so fun to find something I'd thought lost, or I hadn't seen for many weeks!), and I am often on my computer writing things, sending emails or facebook posts to friends and family, taking photographs, or organizing the many hundreds of pictures and photo albums, and especially I enjoy snuggling or playing with my dogs!

Here is a link to see
Kyle's & Mirana's wedding photos!
Here *will be* a link to see
Colin's & Steph's wedding photos!

*This is NOT a live link yet!!*
Here *will be* a link to see
Brittany's & Elias's wedding photos!

*This is NOT a live link yet!!*

Here is a link to the Cavalier page

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But I am not even close to being done)

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Boys will be boys!

Happy Halloween!

Summer has come and gone!
What kind of tan-line do you have?!?

Find the Dogs;
it's a test!

Is life going too fast?
How is your stress level?
Check it out!

Most of the links below are in dire need of updating, and I'm peddling as fast as I can!

* Meet my Family! *

* *
There is no longer a "he & I". After 39+ years of marriage (that had provided many wonderful memories and three incredible now-adult children), but after an ugly 3 year divorce war, I am ecstatic to once again be a free and very happy woman!

In memory of Grandma

* Colin's page *

* Kyle's page *

* Brittany's page *

* Winter Ball!*

Colin graduated in 2002!

Kyle graduated in 2003!

The Traveler!!

* Meet My Cavaliers! *

meet the new puppies!

* Meet My Labradors! *

* View Dog Hip X-rays *

* Dog Dental Health *

* Meet my Fish! *

Veteran's Day thoughts

* Meet the Birds *

* Happy Independence Day! *

* ThePetGallery *

an email list to share
photographs of pets

The Oak Grove Garden Club

* Showdogs-L *

is an email showdog community!

* The PADDed Room *

an email list for ADD/H adults Parenting ADD/H children.
Looking for some seriousness?
Don't look HERE!!


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